when will i get my order

You will get your order within 7 to 8 days after purchase.

  • shipping time ? – you get your order 1 week after purchase

Q1: My Order not received?

Due to unavoidable circumstances, it is possible that your order might get delayed. We are checking and will inform you about the delay along with the new expected delivery date via phone call/sms/email. Visit our home page or in your account and click on track order to get real time status of your order.

Q2: How to return/replacement on karmasu?

At KARMASU, we believe that customer satisfaction is our motto .therefore we will make arrangements for replace any order within 7 to 12 days of delivery, with free return shipping if you receive a product which was not as per the specifications ordered by you such as :-

• wrong size,

• wrong color,

• wrong style,

• wrong quantity,

• missing parts/accessories,

• defective,

• dead on arrival,

• damaged,

• Significantly different from the description given by the merchant


• If you want to return/replace a product on karmasu , please follow these steps:

• 1. Create a return/replacement request online.

• 2. Login to your KARMASU Account and go to order section.

3. Select the item you wish to replace and click on the Return link against the order.

4. Choose return option and fill in the required details.

5. Once the return request is created, we will ensure that it is processed as soon as possible and will be inform you accordingly.

Q3: How to make a cancellation request on KARMASU?

If you wish to cancel your order, please follow these steps:

1. Create a cancellation request online.

2. Click on the Cancel link against your order in the my order section in My Account.

3. Choose cancellation option and fill in the required details.

4. Once the cancellation request is created, we will ensure that the cancellation is processed as soon as possible.

Cancellation requests can be raised at any time before the shipping of the order. Once the order is cancelled, we will refund any prepaid amount as per our Return Policy.

Q4: I paid cash on delivery, how would I get the refund?

If you chose to pay COD, the refund will be credited either in the form of NEFT transfer to your bank account. For an NEFT transfer we would require the following details:

• Bank Name

• Account Holder Name

• Bank Account Number

• Branch Address

• IFSC Code

Q5: How will it take me to receive the refund for my return?

It may take 7-10 days to complete your refund request. For all pre-paid orders, the refund amount will be credited to the same account from where payment was made/Wallet. For all COD orders, refunds will be in your Wallet.

Q6: How long will it take me to receive the refund after I cancel the order?

It may take anywhere between 7-10 days to complete your refund request. The refund amount will be credited to the same account from where payment was made/wallet.

Q7: What should I do if I find my package opened or tampered with upon delivery?

KARMASU believes in making your shopping experience hassle free, However, if you receive an open or a tampered package, please do not accept it and register a complaint with us for further action.

Q8: If I receive a physically damaged product, can I get it replaced?

Delivery is usually safe, but, if you receive a damaged product you can return/replace it. To avoid any hassle, go through the following steps:

1. On delivery, check if the product is packed properly, is factory sealed and there is no physical damage to the carton.

2. If you are concerned, don’t open the product yourself. Call the KARMASU customer care for further assistance.

Q9: I have placed my order. What next?

Sit back and relax. Once your order is confirmed, we will share the order id and tracking details via sms/mail. You can then track order by logging into your KARMASU account’s my order section.

Q10: If I receive a wrong product, can I get it replaced?


Q11: Do I have to pay any shipping and delivery charges?

Shipping and Delivery charges for each and every product have been mentioned on each product page. The charges may vary depending on your location.

Q12: Why was my Order Cancelled?

We regret the inconvenience caused due to any reason for order cancellation. Your order may have been cancelled due to any of the reasons as below:

1. If product is out of stock or is discontinued due to any reason.

2. For any errors in pricing information/printing/Rate Tag.

3. We will inform you regarding your cancellation and will share details for partial order is cancelled or whole.

4. We will also contact you for any additional information required to accept your order.

Q13: What is Wallet?

Wallet is a type of your money purse that can be used for purchases only on KARMASU. It may not be applicable for some of the products.

Q14: What is COD/Can I Pay COD?

COD refers to Cash On Delivery.The Cash-on-Delivery option may not be available on all products.Product details indicates whether cash on delivery available or not.  

Q15 : Safety of details of my cards on KARMASU?

Your details are fully secure with us.

Q16: Seller has not accepted return request?

In case the seller declines for replacement request with a valid reason,you may contact to KARMASU at [email protected] .You can file the dispute with in 30 days from the date of delivery.

Q17: Can I return part order/ return of free gift?

If you have ordered multiple items, you can return part order. The free gifts if any needs to be returned as it was received in their original form of packing.

Q18: Can I contact the seller ?

No, but you can contact the seller through our customer care for any query regarding product.

Q19: I have bought an item but now its not showing on karmasu?

All the items are generally available in karmasu for a period of 60 to 90 days after that item may have been removed. Contact customer care for any solution.

Q20: Can I register for a second account?

Yes, but both accounts should have different user IDs and different email addresses but where if a member has two accounts and one becomes suspended/terminated, their second account may also be under subject to restriction.


Contact us at {[email protected]} for questions related to refunds and returns.